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Oilpress NF 500

This strong and reliable Oil press had very low power consumption. The Oil Press is fully built in Germany with the highest quality standards.
No other machine to clean as easy as this one.

The Oil press has no basement plate therefore also possible to move the machine easily. Also to use the machine on local markets is possible. The weight is only 25% of the weight from our competitors.

The compact building is like no other on the market. Due to the use of the direct drive there were no V-belts needed. Therefore only to grease from time to time for the Axial ball Bering is needed as a maintenance action.

The NF 500 is delivered in 8 versions: Fixed RPM, Variable RPM with frequency converter, 400 Volts (Or other Voltage they may need), 230 Volts, Normal Steel and Stainless Steel.

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