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NF 18 filter press

This advanced model has specific features for filtering extra virgin olive oil compared with the standard model. Moreover, its frame is fully made of stainless steel.

It has been designed with specific characteristics for a professional use.

The filter consists of the special electric pump and a filtration system also known as liquid system with pressed filter sheets.

This special filtration system allows high levels of purification of the liquids, keeping their main characteristics unchanged; for this reason, it is intended for hobby but also for professional uses, such as wine cellars, pharmaceutical companies, laboratories, breweries, and any other activity in which is involved beverage filtration in order to serve or bottle the beverage perfectly clear and free of any residuals.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR CUSTOMER: as the filter has been especially designed for filtering beverages, all building materials are perfectly suitable for food liquids.

Is not necessary to attempt a special maintenance. Please, clean the machine periodically.

Price: 625€ plus VAT

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